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Another Doosan for Kok Lexmond!

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After good experiences with the previously delivered new generation 'stripe 7' Doosan DX350LC-7 crawler excavators, this is already the 3rd! DX350LC-7 for Kok Lexmond.

The Doosan -7 excavators are characterised by extremely economical and efficient Stage V (Doosan) engines. The new -7 excavators also distinguish themselves with a luxurious and spacious cabin with a comfortable leather business seat. From the spacious cabin, the operator has good all-round visibility and there are numerous settings and parameters that can be easily adjusted for different jobs, resulting in excellent controllability and precision in all applications!

On behalf of the entire ELM team, we would like to thank Kok Lexmond once again for this beautiful order and may it once again do a lot of work!